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Packaging Design

Product Packaging Design

Albert Paper Products offers product packaging solutions, from standard concepts to custom engineering solutions, from CAD (Computer aided Design) to printing, folding and die-cutting. Albert Paper has a diverse group of customers which allows the company to utilize different solutions involving cartons design and the physical composition. Our design department utilizes Cimex folding carton design software to provide accurate and timely prototype construction. This completely integrated structural design system allows Albert Paper to accurately control the manufacturing process. The CAD sample and prototypes also act as our customer’s approvals to guide us in the making of all tooling (die and plates) for each and every job.

Folder Carton Styles

  • Straight Tuck
  • Reverse Tuck
  • Tuck top Auto Bottom
  • Tuck Top Quick Lock Bottom (TT123)
  • Sleeves
  • Counter Displays
  • Simple Trays
  • 4 & 6 corner beers trays and cartons

Corrugated Styles

  • Mailers
  • Straight & Reverse Tuck
  • RSC’s (Shippers)
  • Cosmetic Liners
  • Trays

Secondary and Tertiary Packaging

Secondary: Primary packaging is the container that holds the products, while secondary packaging consists of outer wrapping that assist in displaying, storing, shipping and protecting products. Additionally, tertiary packaging is the combining of products for storage and hauling.

Tertiary: Tertiary packaging is the packaging that is used to protect not only the product but also its secondary and primary packaging. For example, when you order some item from an online shopping site, the sealed cardboard box that you open is the tertiary packaging.

Need Custom Packaging?

We offer custom engineering solutions to meet any packaging requirements.
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