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Our Sustainable Packaging Efforts

Albert paper Products continues to work closely with its customers to achieve the highest level of sustainability. We continue to purchase our raw materials from certified sources/mills. Minimizing waste is a key way to decrease cost to our customers and limit our footprint in the marketplace.


Our recycle department separates its various bales of paper according to the grade of paper and is set on a bale truck to be removed weekly. Albert Paper Products became FSC certified in 2017. We have a chain of custody certification. We are working towards SFI certification as well as other 3rd party certifications by year end 2019. Carrying the FSC certification logo on your print products tells the world that you support the highest social and environmental standards in the market where you use paper. Your purchase of FSC-certified paper contributes to conservation, responsible management and a number of benefits to the community that supplies our paper.

Helping customers in their sustainability initiatives is a privilege that Albert Paper will continue to embrace.

``Albert Paper and Integrity Recycling and Waste Solutions have cultivated a 60 year partnership and commitment towards exploring, implementing and achieving long term goals relative to the an environmentally sustainable business platform. Together, we have challenged each other in our respective businesses to explore practices that will/can set the stage for both our industries to follow.``
- Anthony Giordano, Integrity Recycling

Innovative Packaging

  1. Use recyclable materials. Plastic, paperboard, cardboard and other materials can be reconstituted to create new items.
  2. Consider unique, innovative, or high tech materials
  3. Go natural
  4. Trim the fat
  5. Rethink the packaging

Need Custom Packaging?

We offer custom engineering solutions to meet any packaging requirements.
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