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Quality Packaging Materials & Resources

Albert Paper Products uses a wide range of materials to manufacture the desired type of folding carton, corrugated box or other type of custom packaging. With these many grades of paper, Albert Paper is able to offer a complete line of corrugated and chipboard cartons, partitions, layer pads, platforms and other die-cut specialties.

The following is a complete list of materials used:

Paper Packaging Resources and Materials

Tan Bending or Plain Chip TBC

An uncoated material made from 100% recycled fibers. Used in packages where protection and containment are the primary objectives. Simple graphics can be printed on this board.

Product Packaging Materials

SBS Solid Bleached Sulphate SBS

A white sheet, front and back, that contains 100% virgin fibers, often used in the food, health and cosmetic field. This sheet has a smooth coating that allows for complex graphics to be printed on it. Retail packaging is the most common use of this board.

Product Packaging Boxes

Clay Coated News & Kraft Back CCNB or CCKB

A smooth, printable sheet that is also used in the production of folding cartons, boxes and other packaging components. White on one side, and either grey or brown on the other, it’s used used where package graphics are demanding and where strength is not a primary consideration.

Paper Product Manufacturing Materials

Micro Flute Corrugated

Corrugated board comes in many thicknesses but there are special thicknesses that are used to create folding boxes. These materials provide strength and stackability of a corrugated package but with the high quality graphics more typical of folding cartons. Micro-fluted board is also used for cosmetic liners.

Paper Packaging Resources and Materials

Standard Corrugated Flutes (Single wall & Double wall)

This board is typically used in producing shipping cartons, RSC’s, and there are different strengths, dependent on the amount of weight going in the finished box.

Paper Materials and Resources for Packaging


A very smooth Kraft sheet for printing. Ideal for packers and sleeves.

BOBST Visionfold 80/110 Folder Gluer

The Visionfold 80/110 is an efficient and high-speed machine that glues straight line, auto bottom, and 4 & 6 cornered multi-fold boxes and comes with an extra folding section. It also glues paperboard and micro-flute cartons, inserts, sleeves, and U-board packaging.

Albert Paper’s paperboard inventory comes in a wide variety of calipers ranging from .010-.040, depending upon which grade of board.

Albert Paper’s corrugated inventory is comprised of B, C, E and F flutes. Bleached, mottled white, and Kraft are options of corrugated board.

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