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Certified Package Testing

Albert Paper Products offers its customers the availability to perform various tests on the package once it has been developed by our creative and engineering team. Our testing lab is accurate, thorough and reliable. Lean on us to protect your product.

We offer such services as drop testing, vibration testing and compression testing to ensure your package can withstand the rigor of travel. We will share the results of the test in a detailed report to the customer as well as any suggestions to better protect the product.

ISTA Testing

Drop Testing: Any importers concerned about product or packaging quality should consider including a carton drop test, or package drop test, in their pre-shipment inspection plan. Through a series of drops, a carton drop test simulates the shipping environment during which packaged goods may be subject to damage.

Vibration Testing: Mimics the conditions that a product or structure might see during its lifetime while under a test environment. Used to ensure that products are robust and perform safely during operation or transit, vibration testing detects performance issues and potential failures before they start.

Transit Testing

The National Safe Transit Association (NSTA) Pre-shipment test procedures provide a means for a manufacturer to predetermine the probability of the safe arrival of his packaged products at their destination through the utilization of test developed to simulate the shocks and stresses normally encountered during handling and transportation. The test, it is stressed, are BASIC TEST. Their severity should be increased to adapt to unusual distribution situations.

It may be advisable to test more than one packaged product in order to obtain an average result.

It is also emphasized that these procedures are not intended to evaluate the protection afforded packaged products from other conditions such as moisture, corrosion, contaminating odors, etc. they may or may not comply with carrier requirements for packaging.

NSTA test procedures are in every sense performance test and, when properly applied, will provide tangible benefits of reduced damage, economically balanced costs and improved good will.

Need Custom Packaging?

We offer custom engineering solutions to meet any packaging requirements.
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