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Primary, Secondary, And Tertiary Packaging 101

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Primary, Secondary, And Tertiary Packaging 101

What Are The Differences Between Primary, Secondary, And Tertiary Packaging?

Nearly every product offered around the world comes in some form of packaging, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food. Product packaging is more than just making an item look attractive to buyers. Packaging also protects items from damage and makes it easier to transport them to their final location. Those that work with packaging know there is more to packaging than what’s traditionally imagined. In fact, there are multiple levels of packaging, including primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging.

What is Primary Packaging?

Primary packaging is directly in contact with the product or good and is referred to as retail packaging. It is also the layer that consumers first see, which means it should be attractive and include valuable information about the product and its contents. In addition to educating the consumer, primary packaging protects the product from damage during transport and handling. Some examples of primary packaging are blister packs for pills or bottles for beverages.

What is Secondary Packaging?

Secondary packaging is where products in their primary packaging are housed for shipment. The primary purpose of this packaging is to protect products during the shipping process while branding it. Many secondary packaging is designed to fit the product in primary packaging. This can include large boxes with the brand name stamped on the outside, displays that house the products in a neighborhood store, or cardboard cases that house soda.

What is Tertiary Packaging?

Tertiary packaging is used by wholesalers to ship products to their destination and protect them from damage. It is used to transport large quantities of items and makes it easier to ship them at the same time. They don’t typically include major branding, but they do have the product information stamped on the outside to make it easy to identify when unloading. Products generally are removed from these boxes before the consumer sees it in the store.

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