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Packaging Trends Of 2019

Packaging Trends Of 2019

Packaging Trends Of 2019

Packaging Trends and The Future

As the years go by, businesses that wish to remain relevant must make changes to keep up with new technology, trends, and consumer demands. This can be especially true in the packaging industry, as manufacturers, government entities, and consumers’ expectations and requirements often change.

Due to the ongoing outside pressures, global packaging trends are continually changing. Here are four packaging trends your business should be aware of in the new year.

Packaging Trends for the Future

Connected packaging.

This newer form of packaging has smart capabilities that increase consumer engagement while allowing brands to share more about their company. QR and RFID codes are the most well-known versions of connected packaging and direct consumers to additional information about their purchase with a simple scan on their phone.

A more advanced option includes interactive packaging where the product notifies customers of an upcoming choice they need to make. For instance, a product can let them know if a battery is dying before it actually does, giving them ample time to purchase a replacement.

Sustainable packaging.

Going green is more than just a movement or trending hashtag on social media. Being eco-friendly is a growing expectation among consumers, especially the millennial generation. Not only do consumers want to be able to recycle the packaging, but they also expect it to be made of recycled products. To date, this has been a challenge for the food industry because of the question of health safety.  With certain countries preparing to impose additional taxes on companies not utilizing sustainable packaging, the shift will come quickly.

One of a kind packaging.

Creating a memorable customer experience has always been one of the leading trends in business success. With the rise of online shopping and e-commerce stores, it has gotten more challenging for businesses to deliver that wow factor. One of a kind packaging would allow brands to create a unique unboxing experience that customers want to repeat and share with their friends and family.

Plastic-free packaging.

Plastic is heavily relied on because of its flexibility, minimal weight, and durability in protecting items during travel. However, the impact that plastic has on the environment is an ongoing concern for businesses. Many are looking for ways to eliminate plastic from their distribution process. This need to minimize and eradicate plastic use will grow among consumers.

Staying on top of packaging trends is vital for any business that relies on shipments. The Albert Paper Products team can help! Contact our office today to learn more.

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