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Packaging Value: Enriching the Consumer Experience

Packaging Value: Enriching the Consumer Experience

Packaging Value: Enriching the Consumer Experience

5 Ways to Make Your Packaging Value Go Beyond the Point of Sale

Any time a consumer unboxes a product, it’s an experience. From the way the product is stored to the specialized note inside the box, the product reveal can either make or break your brand in the consumer’s eyes.

The value of packaging can change the way a consumer views the product they are receiving. That is why it is essential to deliver a product in high-quality packaging to the consumer. Leave a good lasting impression and make your packaging go beyond the point of sale with these five helpful tips.

1. Judge a Box by its Cover

When you receive a product in the mail, what is the first thing you see? The package. It’s the first impression you make as the company sending it.

A company should consider how they want consumers to judge their brand when the consumer opens their mailbox. You have one shot at winning the consumer’s loyalty, so you need to have high-quality packaging. You can’t make a second first impression.

2. Out-Of-The-Box Ideas

Receiving the same old brown, square box loses its sparkle after a while. The same industry-standard solution to packaging your products can become a bore. Companies should use out-of-the-box ideas when creating a package. Ideas can stem from how the box is opened to using bold colors, prints, and textures. Ultimately, you want your package to stand out from the competition and have customers choosing you time and time again.

3. Double Use

Packaging should add value to the consumer. The perfect way to do so is when consumers see packaging as more than just a material, such as a danish butter cookie tin. We all know the high-end quality cookies are ideal for snacking, but the cookie tin is even better when everything inside is gone. It’s a great place to store needles, threads, clips, pencils, and just about anything you can think of. And the same principle can be used towards a cardboard box too. You need to imagine how it can be used again through either rethinking the package design or simple demonstration.

4. Follow the Seasons

Consumers love seasons–especially during the holidays! Going above and beyond to seasonally change your packaging allows you to keep your consumers attention, freshen up your brand, and even boost your sales. Changing the packaging designs to match the seasons and holidays will attract the attention of new customers and strengthen the relationship with your existing consumer base.

5. Solve a Problem

Customers expect the product they bought to solve a problem and be as easy to use as possible. So why not turn the same principle on the package design. Packages should be designed with the goal of being intuitive. Choosing easy-to-open cardboard boxes over-complicated plastic packaging designs is what your customers expect and want from you.

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