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Kids’ Packaging Designs

Kids' Packaging Designs

Kids’ Packaging Designs

3 Considerations for Kids’ Packaging in the Food Industry

You might think that creating kids’ packaging is easy, drafting fun drawings, colors, and goofy designs. Putting a bright color and a fun character on your packaging is sure to get their attention, right? However, this may not necessarily be the case anymore. Competition is fierce, and companies are paying top dollar for graphic design. What’s more, as parents are usually the ones doing the shopping solo, they may not relate to that type of packaging. When it comes to kids’ packaging – here are three essential factors you should consider.

  1. Colors. While a colorful packaging design may make kids pick up your product, is it enough to get it in their parents’ shopping carts? It has been proven that certain colors can evoke certain emotions and feelings within the adult population, and since they are the ones making the purchase, they should be kept in mind when designing kids’ packaging.
  2. Branding. When it comes to branding, you should be able to tell a story with your packaging. If you want a family vibe, make sure that comes through. If you want an environmentally friendly vibe, use recycled materials, and make sure that is stated on your packaging.
  3. Fun. You don’t really see toys in cereal anymore, but those were certainly the good old days. Opening the cereal box and looking for the prize made a lot of kids’ mornings. Your kids’ packaging should be fun for them and allow them to enjoy the experience of opening it. Whether that means you shape it like an animal, add some jokes or riddles on it, or are simply looking to catch their attention with an odd design.

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