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Is it Time for Packaging Automation?

Is it Time for Packaging Automation?

Is it Time for Packaging Automation?

Is Your Small Business Ready for Packaging Automation?

Automation is a cost-effective means of improving efficiency and profitability. In particular, automation is proving quite helpful for businesses that package items. If your business packages products of any sort, you should give serious consideration to packaging automation, and working with a paper supplier that can keep up with demand. Let’s take a look at the top indicators that it is time for your company to implement automated packaging.

Is Your Small Business Ready for Packaging Automation? The Answer is “Yes” if Your Product Line is Expanding

If your product line is growing, you can benefit from automated packaging. The expansion of your product line, combined with efficient packaging automation, will significantly bolster your bottom line. There is no sense paying through the nose for comparably slow and expensive human laborers prone to mistakes when you can automate your packaging for less money.

Your Packing is Slower Than Desired

If your current team is not packing as fast as you would like, it may be time to automate the packaging process. Opt for packaging automation, and you will be able to fill your orders in a much timelier manner, satisfying customers and ultimately selling that much more inventory. As an example, bag openers hasten the packing of a wide array of items by inflating the bag in an automated manner, providing a quick and easy entry point for products.

Your Employees are Overworked and Stressed Out

Even the fastest-working employee has the potential to become flustered when forced to package a seemingly endless number of items as fast as possible. Furthermore, such repetitive motions take a toll on the hands as well as the mind. Take the automated route, and packing times will decrease along with the workload placed on your workers. For example, the implementation of twist tie machines makes it quicker and easier to bundle products. These machines rapidly wrap and close bag openings or tightly secure other items together.

Orders are not Shipped as Fast as Desired

If your order volume is high or continuing to increase, yet your packing capabilities are not up to the task, you will commit the cardinal sin of business: leaving money on the table. This is a clear sign it is time to implement packaging automation. Otherwise, your supply will remain unpacked, and customers will be forced to wait for their shipment. This wait will inevitably cause some customers to cancel their orders.

Consider adding tape dispensers to hasten the sealing of items to be shipped. A powered tape dispenser dispenses tape at predetermined lengths and even cuts it to those lengths on your behalf.

Labor Costs are Escalating

The spike in demand resulting from the addition of new products is certainly good news. However, this uptick in demand will also require the hiring of more workers. This additional overhead will take a chunk out of your bottom line. Packaging automation may be the answer for you. Automate your packaging to hasten operations, and you will ultimately spend less than it would have cost to employ that many more people.

Albert Paper is on Your Side

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